WMS Magento Suite

WMS Magento - быстрое внедрение
Fast implementation and no unnecessary integrations compared to usual WMS
Clear interface, one budget for WMS and eCommerce development, cheap and fast on demand improvement, PHP/Zend, open source solution.
WMS Magento - сканеры, радиосканеры, конвейеры, принтеры этикеток
Scanners, conveyers, label printers
All conventional warehouse equipment including data collection terminals, barcode readers and even sorters and conveyor bands.
WMS Magento - любое количество складов
Point-of-use storage, virtual warehouses and preprocessing
The merchandise is already on its shelf or it was just unloaded and is waiting to be sorted out? Do we need to perform additional actions on the product (logo embroidery, size cutting, assembling)? Many ready-to-go cases and fast improvement in case there is something that needs to be done.

Dive deeper into WMS Magento extension

Major advantages of WMS online

All product location data in one place

Is the product still on its way to the warehouse or has it already been shipped to the client? Perhaps, it hasn’t been bought out and would be returned to the warehouse? Online access to all transition information. The left-over stock never gets behind ERP. All the information in one place with one interface and without unnecessary integrations.

The most complex customizations at a glance

Someday your business processes might change. Is your WMS system ready to change with you? The improvement of specialized approaches would need an additional budget and only a few companies can afford that. The improvement of Magento WMS can be done by hundreds of companies around the world and for a much smaller fee. Have one budget for both eCommerce and WMS solution!

Prompt updates and no need for extra servers

Magento is constantly renovated by thousands of developers around the globe with new versions coming up weekly. The requirements for the system core location are extremely simple. Forget about extra servers for WMS, your system will need fewer resources than MS Excel on your computer! The simplicity of infrastructure allows quick recovery in case of a system failure. Lower rates for system administration and maintenance.

One-Time Payment

1 699 USD
50 hours for installation and integration
Installation, base configuration, integration with any ERP (including 1C, SAP, Navision)

Equipment docking

2 999 USD
100 hours including modifications (for your labels and applications)
The equipmentcost is not included in the price. Possible use of the equipment already present in the warehouse. iPad/iPhone/Android with barcode reader cases can stand as a PDT.


25 USD/mo.
1 hour of technical support and hosting
SSD, archive copies once an hour, depth – 7 days

Equipment support

A Warehouse is a cornerstone for labels printing equipment, data collection terminals, accounting integration, conveyor lines and sorters. We can offer proven solutions or we can connect the given equipment. Our solution can be integrated with photo lab and you will get photos as soon as the product is unloaded!

PDT for Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows CE
Сonveyor lines
Photo lab and automatic uploading of photos to the online store, PIM or ERP