Move your Magento site to any hosting

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Quick Overview

Prepare your servers for Magento and move sources, settings and database


Details for setting up your data-center for Magento.

That service include complete Magento-specific configuration for your servers with 100% working guarantee.

Separate MySQL and Application instances.

If you need autoscaling, you can read about it more here: Magento Scaling with any datacenter

Autoscaling options.

Scalability is the ability of a system to handle an increased amount of traffic or processing and accommodate growth while maintaining a desirable user experience. There are basically two ways of scaling a system: vertically, also known as scaling up, and horizontally, also known as scaling out.

Vertical scaling is accomplished by increasing system resources, like adding more memory and processing power. Resizing a Droplet, for instance, is vertical scaling. While this can work as an immediate solution, it might be hiding the real problems underneath your application, and there's no guarantee a server twice as powerful will run your app twice as fast.

Horizontal scaling, on the other hand, is accomplished by adding more servers to an existing cluster. Let’s talk about exactly what that means.

We are well experienced in horizontal scaling with PHP applications and offer you to build autoscaling in any datacenter. Read more about how we build vertical scaling for Magento

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