Better than usual hosting
Specialized Magento hosting

Magento hosting up to 15 times faster
Up to 15 times faster
than standard hosting

Redis, Memcached, PageSpeed, PHP7
SSH, SSL certificate, HTTP/2, SPDY.

Your Magento site will be on control by Magento developers
Resolution of any issues
by Magento developers

The logs are inspected by Magento developers.

All in plain sight: NewRelic access and error log in ElasticSearch/LogStash.

Typical tasks (SSL Cert. Installation, Core update, Magento installation) – are already included in the service plan within the agreed amount of hours.

Magento scaling and cluster in Docker

During sudden load increase on your servers or higher visit rate on your website, we automatically adjust the required number of servers.
It is very helpful during holidays or marketing campaigns.

Why is our solution better?

All the issues gathered in one place

NewRelic monitoring and all logs contained within ElasticSearch provides information on errors, exceptions and performance issues in an easy-to-understand way.

Launching and maintaining of such infrastructure is costly and is usually appropriate only for large projects.

Archive copies

We make archive copies once an hour and store them according to your service plan. If you wish, all copies can also be stored in your depository. This way your project is protected whatever happens. We control presence and integrity of your archive copies on regular basis.

Insurance and audit

You can have your own developers and manage the project on your own. However, in case of any issues we will be there ready to help (responce time is defined by a chosen service plan).

Service plans for Magento hosting


25 $/month
1hour of
technical support

Archive copies – 7 days (once a day).
Monitoring of critical situations.
Tackling of problematic situations in 8 working hours.


55 $/month
2hours of
technical support

SSD, archive copies – 7 days (168 copies).
Monitoring of critical situations.
Tackling of problematic situations in 4 working hours.


305 $/month
6 hours of
technical support

SSD, archive copies - 30 days (720 cpoies).
APM and Selenium monitoring.
Autoscaling (min. req. - 3 servers, configuration of the load balancer included).
Handling of critical issues - 4 hours 24*7*365.

Three main arguments to have your Magento online store hosted with us

Archive copies are accessible for both sides and are Always integral.

In any data-center, even your own.
Monitoring by our developers guarantees the stability of both server and program infrastructure
SLA – proven guarantees of speed, stability and uptime. Our cleanliness in concern of your code - is one more argument in our favour.

What technologies do we use?


Your website will be clustered on 3 different servers


One of the best monitoring systems
in the world


Is used to gather and search for patterns in accumulated logs


Additional website monitoring
with SMS notification



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