Magento 1 & Magento 2 - Raiffeisen module: processing (Visa/Mastercard)

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Raiffeisen payment gateway module (Raiffeisen): pay by Mastercard/Visa card, on Magento 1 or Magento 2

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Raiffeisen extension for Magento

The Raiffeisen payment gateway is a great solution for entrepreneurs who already work with the Raiffeisen bank in Russia or would like to make a contract with this bank in the future. The extension provides you with a possibility to charge your customers by using a payment gateway. It doesn’t matter whether you are a B2C or B2B merchant, this extension will work great in both cases. It is simple to install and simple to configure. This extension will redirect the customer to a Raiffeisen payment website, where the customer will be able to pay for the desired product.

For example: when a customer chooses the payment method and porceeds with his payment he is redirected to Raiffeisen where he is asked to pay the total amount in chosen currency (by the merchant). After completing the payment the customer is redirected back to the merchant website and may continue his shopping.

Main KT Magento Raiffeisen extension feature

  1. Two-phase transaction system 
  2. Purchase returns 
  3. Ability to receive payment in USD/EUR/RUR

It has a simple configuration and can be installed trough Magento Connect.

Information that should be provided by Raiffeisen bank

Before you start processing payments trough this gateway you would need to have a contract with Raiffeisen bank, and the bank staff should provide you the following information.

  1. Merchant ID
  2. Terminal ID
  3. Login
  4. Password
  5. Merchant Name
  6. Merchant City
  7. Country and Currency code

You will need it later, when configuring the extension.

Configuring the plugin for Raiffesen

After you received all the necessary information from the bank, you should change the following fields and input your data and the data provided by Raiffeisen.

  1. Work mode – test or production mode, don’t forget to switch this one once you are done testing
  2. Title – what will customers see in checkout under payment methods
  3. Merchant Name – the name of your Merchant as stated in the contract with the bank. The customer will see this when redirected to Raiffeisen (e.g: Car&Truck Co.)
  4. Merchant City – your city as stated in the contract with the bank
  5. Merchant ID – given by Raiffeisen bank
  6. Terminal ID – given by Raiffeisen bank
  7. User login – given by Raiffeisen bank
  8. User password – given by Raiffeisen bank
  9. Country and Currency code – given by the Raiffeisen bank depending on what currency you would like to receive payment in.
  10. New order status – processing by default
  11. Redirect on success and redirect on fail – where the customer will get after completing or failing a payment using the gateway.

If you have any questions or need help, you can always contact our company directly.

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