Magento Comparison: Magento 1 EE, Magento 2 CE, Magento 2 EE

Features list and comparison for Magento 1 EE, Magento 2.1 CE, Magento 2.1 EE.

Feature Magento 1 Enterprise Edition Magento 2.1 CE Magento 2.1 EE


Platform: Magento 1, PHP 5.6, Zend 1 Magento 2, PHP 7, Zend Magento 2, PHP 7, Zend
Support till: 2018 approx 2025 approx 2025
Automation Testing: Only external Built in, some addin required Built it
Modular code base for making fine-grain customizations and easily adding or removing functionality to meet merchant needs Yes Yes Yes
Theming and layout framework to quickly create and maintain site variations for seasonal campaigns, new product lines, and market expansions Yes Yes, with LESS/GRUNT Yes, with LESS/GRUNT
Extensive and efficient APIs, including new ones for promotions and taxes, to connect and operate at scale with any third party solution Yes Yes Yes
Automated testing to improve code quality and speed up the QA process for a faster time to market Only External Built in Built in
Upgrading to next minor version, average time 4hr 4hr 4hr
Upgrading to next version  in one family, average time (1.8-1.9, 2.0-2.1) 24hr 24hr 24hr
Multisite, multi currency, multi language (on single platform) Yes Yes Yes
Theme Guidelines No Yes Yes
Set client-side LESS compilation/server-side LESS compilation No Yes Yes
Completely different sites and stores on single platform Yes Yes Yes
Index Trigger Events Yes Yes Yes
New Indexer n/a Yes Yes
RabbitMQ for XML/File exchange and job queue mechanism Extension Yes Yes
HTTPS for checkout only, for admin panel, or for all site Yes Yes Yes
Composer ready structure Additional settings required Yes Yes
New Layout elements structure n/a Yes Yes
PHP 7 ready Extension Yes Yes
Magento UI library with mixins No Yes Yes
HTML5/CSS3/RequireJS/PRS Compliance n/a Yes Yes
Magento Performance toolkit No Yes Yes
Blank theme No Yes Yes
Magento Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) n/a No Yes
SOLR Yes Extension Extension (changed to Elastic from 2.1)


Client-side optimizations, such as minimizing and bundling JavaScript, compressing images, and improving the use of browser caching for static contentContent that does not change frequently. See also dynamic content. to decrease page load times. yes yes yes
Server-side improvements, such as integrating Apache Varnish caching, enable faster performance out-of-the-box with minimal tuning. from 4 to 160 hr implementation for yes yes
Full-Page Cache Yes Yes Yes
Deferred Stock Updates   Extension Yes
Multiple Master Servers optional optional Yes
Multiple Slave Databases optional optional Yes
Scalable Backend Product Management n/a n/a Yes
Order Archiving Extension Extension Yes


Standalone databases for key subsystems like order management, product management and checkout; combined with support for MySQL Cluster, enable Magento to scale to handle rapid growth. no yes yes
Comprehensive backend improvements enable larger teams to make product updates and process orders at the same time without diminished performance. no yes yes




The modern Magento Admin user interface is intuitive and easy for new team members to learn, and allows users to efficiently monitor business performance and manage daily tasks. Old Magento interface Yes Yes
The ability to effortlessly customize and save different Admin panel views saves time when managing products, analyzing customer data, and processing orders. Extension Yes Yes
Setting up products is faster with a new step-by-step product creation tool and improved product data import capabilities that are 4x faster than before. No (old Magento import and product creation) Yes Yes
Content Staging Workflow (ability to switch campaigns or change one campaign to another automatically) Extension Extension Yes
Version control for CMS   Extension Yes
Admin action log Yes Extension Yes
Backups Yes Yes Yes
Cron (scheduled tasks) Yes Yes Yes
LDAP, Single Side-On Extension Extension Extension
Adding a language Yes Yes Yes
Adding a currency with exchange rates with importing from third part source Yes Yes Yes
Widgets Yes Yes Yes
Simple LOGO change in Magento backend Extension Yes Yes
User Roles and Permission Schemas Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Permission Yes Extension Yes
Return Management Authorization (RMA) Yes Extension Yes
Scheduled Import/Export Functionality Yes Extension Yes


Captcha, Session validation, Encription keys Yes Yes Yes
WEB POS Extension Extension Extension
Multistock Extension Extension Yes
Mobile commerce Yes Yes Yes
Respinsive Layout By creating/buying a new theme Yes Yes




Checkout steps qty 5+ steps, old-fashion 3 steps 3 steps
Order without register Yes Yes Yes
Automatically recognize existing users Extension Only Yes Yes
PCI compliance Extension Only Yes Yes
Shoppers can conveniently create an account with one click from the order Thank You page, enabling merchants to encourage customer registrations without interrupting the checkout process. Extension Yes Yes
Reward points Yes Extension Yes
Multiple wishlist Yes Extension Yes


Fixed Product Tax Extension only Yes Yes
Tax Classes with country linking Yes Yes Yes
Price display configuration (with/without taxes) Yes Yes Yes
Tax by destination Yes Yes Yes
Tax by product class Yes Yes Yes
Value Added Tax Yes Yes Yes
Flexible Tax Classes, Rates, Rules Yes Yes Yes
VAT ID Validation Yes Yes Yes
Verify the list of EU Member Countries Yes Yes Yes


Automatically rewrite (301) if product or category URL changed Yes Yes Yes
Flexible rewrite table with managing tools Yes Yes Yes
Meta tags (description, keys, title) for CMS, category, products Yes Yes Yes
Schema.Org, Rich Snippets Extension Yes Yes


Related products, cross-sells and upsells Yes Yes Yes
Automatically linked related/cross-sells/up-sells (rule-based on category, attribute set and so one) Yes Extension Yes

Marketing and promotions

Customer Segmentation, Targeted Promotions & Merchandising Yes Extensions Yes
Customer Attribute Management Extensions Extensions Yes
Visual Merchandiser Yes Extension Yes
Transaction Email with WYSIWYG interface Yes Yes Yes
Automated Email Marketing Reminder Yes No Yes
Gift Registry Yes Extension Yes
Gift Options Yes Extension Yes
Marketing rules for catalogue Yes Yes Yes
Coupons Yes Yes Yes


Elastic (former ElasticSearch) for catalog and searching Extension Extension Yes
Category View and Purchase Permissions per Customer Group (Limited Catalog Access) No Extension Yes
Adding to cart by SKU Yes Extension (Elastic) Yes


oAuth Extension Only Yes Yes
API Yes Yes Yes
Paypal Yes Yes Yes
Authorize.Net Yes Yes Yes
DHL Yes Yes Yes
WorldPay Extension Extension Yes
SalesForce Extension Extension Extension
CyberSource - Extension Yes
BrainTree Extension Yes Yes
Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager (GTM) Yes Yes Yes
Import and Export on CSV/XLS files Yes Yes Yes
Import product images fron network Yes Yes Yes
Product import history   Yes Yes
Using a CDN Yes Yes Yes
Product information from PIM (Akeneo, etc) Extension Extension Extension
Any Shipping service integration if no extension exists 40hr 40hr 40hr

Magento 2 License cost.

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition license fees model was changed into a Revenue Model (compare to Magento 1 EE). The license cost now  is based on how much your store makes. You can also have as many servers you want, which is great for business using AWS Elastic Load Balancing. Below you can see the relation Revenue X License Cost X Percentage.  
Revenue (in USD) License Cost (Year) (In USD) Percentage
0 – 1M 22K min  2.2%
1M – 5M 32K 3.2% – 0.64%
5M – 10M 49K 0.98% – 0.49%
10M – 25M 75K 0.75% – 0.3%


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The Magento Enterprise Edition codebase includes comprehensive scalability enhancements to the database, order management, checkout, catalog, and more. Improvements include asynchronous grid fulfillment, standalone database for checkout, compatibility with MySQL cluster, more concurrent admins for order, and product management and complete separation of store sub-systems. Essential Magento Documentation (for users, developers, marketers) Magento 2 Demo (latest version - 2.1.1) Magento 2 Demo Backend (latest version - 2.1.1), login/password: ktteamde1