Development and support
of Magento eCommerce projects
with SLA (24*7*365)


Team motivation for a high quality work, the best network architects, code review and QA team. You may communicate with our team directly with no additional managers.

Project evaluation within 24 hrs

Evaluation and decomposition of tasks and submission of a contract within 24 hrs since a moment when project requirements and information have been provided.

Just in time

Terms of project delivery shall be stipulated in a contract and monitored in JIRA. You may follow current workflow and project completeness online.

How to increase sales in your project?


Based on analytics a certain hypothesis is developed and should be tested. It's described as a user history, that is decomposed into a number of subtasks. An Architect and a Manager of the project work through the scenario with possible side effects and unaccounted requirements. After the acceptance scenario for every subtask is filled, the requirements should be approved by the client and are then taken into work.


Your user history is implemented step by step. The percent of completion is available to every member of the project. After the task is fully implemented it is tested by our QA team and then delivered for client testing.

Check and gauge the results

After the changes were applied to the project, it's necessary to gauge the results. It could be A/B testing, activity speed change (order processing), activity cost (a decrease in packing cost), a decrease in error quantity (a decrease in operator duplicate calls, a decrease in quantity of unfinished orders etc.)

Simple and clear development and support rates


per month

On Demand Support

You get access to JIRA Desk and our support team starts working with your submitted requests on the ‘first come first served’ basis within 1-3 business days as usual. You shall pay for spent hours only at the rate of $40/hour. We shall provide you simple and clear explanation of how these hours have been spent. We also shall give you a truly efficient support when your requests do not require urgent solution.

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from 1400$

per month

40-100 prepaid hours

Priority support with a guaranteed solving time of critical tasks, the next business day. Monthly updates and infrastructure support, test display for check prior to productive display. All the hours prepaid shall be spent within one month. 30$ per hour.

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from 2500$

per month

from 100 prepaid hours

Enterprise-wide support. 24h on-call support in English, start of solving critical tasks: up to 2 hours. Minimal contract term: 6 months, monthly prepayment. NewRelic, DaData are provided free of charge. Best price — 25$ per hour

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We create manuals covering the practical aspects of the interaction between your personnel and the website. We provide not the manuals for some abstract product, but a how-to for your exact tasks — typically within one day. At the same time we are ready to demonstrate you any aspect of our work by Skype or TeamViewer. Any manual for a specific request.

For Content Managers
For System Administrators
For Analysts

Simple and clear reports

..of how your hours have been spent

One Contract - dozens of paid resources

Any type of services for you: MaxMind,, NewRelic, BitBucket, JIRA, purchasing support for Magento Enterprise, Google Adwords, Yandex.Direct, Vkontakte, Facebook, Yandex.Money.

Komplizierte GmbH

With just one Project Support Agreement you get all the necessary services at cost price.


6 month guarantee
Magento developers
in Moscow and Tolyatti
Project Engineer
and Designer in your office

Understanding the development process

Small tasks are immediately assigned to the working plan. Bigger tasks are first split into smaller parts and then implemented. Such division gives us full understanding in what stage the decision is right now.

A/B tests

The efficiency of every solution should be checked by the numbers. The methodology of the A / B testing allows you to show different versions of pages to arbitrary groups of users, which if we talk about large amount of data, provides a clear quantitative performance indicators of a particular design or functionality.

50% of visitors
see the A design

18% conversion

50% of visitors
see the B design

23% conversion

SLA - Service Level Agreement

This are the three words, that define our company's approach to the management of IT processes.

To ensure a foreseen
development speed

To protect your business
from possible risks

To guarantee efficiency
on Pre-New Year days
and on a "Black Friday"

What guarantees may we provide?

According to SLA, we shall bear full responsibility in case of losses
“When you need everything to work permanently”

Request response time
Request execution time
Response to
slow website work
Reserving human resources
for a specific project
Compliance with ITIL standards

Which technologies do we use?


Automated scripts
simulating user behaviour
in real time


One of the best worldwide monitoring systems


Versatile development methodology

Google Tag Manager

Allows to see if something is wrong
with a very dedicated place
and not with a whole website


Versatile and scalable
failure-detection system for
design teams

Should you have any questions?

Quality First

The architect, who took part in Magento development. One architect for every three developers. Mandatory Code Review. QA team. KPI, that places quality in the first place. In short, we really tried to assemble a team of people who care how everything works.